SUP for Fitness

SUP For Fitness & Peace of Mind                  "You don't have to race to be fit. Just make it your workout routine and Eco Therapy"

Like Yoga, Standup Paddle boarding (SUP) can become your new lifestyle. Anyone can do it at all ages. You just have to be taught and coached in a safe way. Is it time to re-invent your self? Here is what we will do. You can do just one module or all Three. 

1. Basics/Orientation
• Safety first, PFD, Leash, first aid etc.
• SUP etiquette
• Shapes of boards and what they do
• Paddle composites, what is right for you?
• Learn tides, wind direction and hazards you may come across on the water.
• Transporting and storing your board
• What to wear depending on seasonal weather.                 

Screen_Shot_2018-02-13_at_11.16.23_AM.jpg2. Getting acclimated on the board
• Confidence in your balance.
• Stable foot stance options
• Basic paddling
• Working with your big muscles
• Breathing techniques

3. Getting your Glide on
• Firm in your feet, power in your stroke
• Paddle grip and spine angle
• Working on turns and moving around on the board
• Warm up routine & exercises
• Advanced stroke variations and paddle technique.

3 sessions for $ 85.00 each

All sessions are 1.5 -2 hrs



Hilton Head Location:
1032 William Hilton PKWY
Hilton Head Island, SC 29910